Client: Wells Fargo (CareerWork$/BankWork$)
Goal: BankWork$ is a free training program that prepares students for a career in financial services. The goal of this campaign was to partner with Wells Fargo (a major financial supporter of BankWork$) to celebrate the 100th BankWork$ graduating class. This process would involve creating a celebration video, individual alumni interview stories, and paid social media ads.
Results: I worked with the Wells Fargo team to create content for a campaign. We posted the content on social media accounts for BankWork$, and Wells Fargo shared it too. Gonzalo, who used to be part of BankWork$, and is now a Branch Manager at Wells Fargo, talked about how great his experience was. Each of these materials generated high impressions on social media and strengthen the partnership between Wells Fargo and BankWork$.
Fiorella Reyes - Wells Fargo Success Story
When Fiorella Reyes first came to the United States, she was passionate about pursuing a career in the financial services industry. Born and raised in Venezuela, she moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to study English, and decided to try to find an opportunity in banking in January 2020.
Thanks to the time I spent doing the work in Bankwork$, I can now say I have a career in financial services," said Fiorella.