During a recent visit to Raising Cane's, I was captivated by their unique approach to wall decor, which showcased the real names and stats of employees who made a significant impact. This got me thinking: why not bring this concept to gyms? This project combines elements of advertising, sports marketing, and interior design. 

These walls tell a story!

LA Fitness, a fitness powerhouse, has the opportunity to breathe new life into its spaces by replacing the old, generic murals with captivating photos of community athletes. Imagine vibrant posters of young sports stars, showcasing their dedication, grit, and triumphs. This not only freshens up the gym's aesthetic, but also ignites a spark of inspiration among members.
This approach would foster a sense of community within the gym, as members are more likely to engage in conversations and share experiences related to these visible symbols of achievement. Additionally, displaying a diverse range of a specific state's community athletes promotes inclusivity, highlighting different sports, genders, and backgrounds, thereby creating an environment where everyone can find inspiration and belonging.

These feel like DVD covers from the early 00s! Time for an upgrade!

For this campaign, I have chosen the LA Fitness gym in Oklahoma City as the location for a redesign. To represent the inspiring spirit of the local community and the state, I have picked four remarkable athletes who frequently visit LA Fitness but may not be world-famous. These athletes would serve as beacons of inspiration to their fellow gym-goers and the wider community. In a true celebration of achievement, if any athlete accomplishes something remarkable, with their consent, they too could have the honor of appearing on the iconic walls of LA Fitness, fostering a stronger sense of community and a goal-driven mindset. I also created a new slogan for this campaign, "Train Hard. Play Hard.", to encourage a sense of community and grit.
The four featured athletes for the OKC LA-Fitness location are:
Bryant Keirns: Winner of the 2022 Oklahoma Memorial Marathon.
Shannee Tettleton: Professional Dancer and Cheerleader for the OKC Thunder girls.
Patrick Callan: Olympic Team USA Swimmer hailing from Oklahoma City.
Grace Turk: Three-time College World Series softball player for the Oklahoma Sooners.
By showcasing the stories and achievements of these local heroes, LA Fitness will create an environment where members can draw inspiration from the impressive accomplishments of their peers.